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РФК на выставке "Нефть и газ" - 2013
Пригла?аем посетить на? стенд на выставке "Нефть и газ" - 2013.
25-28 июня, Москва, ЦВК Экспоцентр.

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Завер?ены предварительные заводские испытания оборудования ГРП
ПКБ «Автоматика» закончило в Санкт-Петербурге предварительные заводские испытания мобильного комплекса ГРП.

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У консорциума РФК появился новый участник
В консорциум РФК вступила ма?иностроительная группа "Промспецсервис".

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Russian Fracturing Company Presents the First Russian-Made Mobile Hydraulic Fracturing Spread

In 2013 OOO “RFC” offers its customers the first mobile hydraulic fracturing spread designed and manufactured in Russia. This suite of hydraulic fracturing equipment created by Russian engineers outperforms all competition on key features of power and mobility.

This Russian hydraulic fracturing equipment is perfectly adapted to extreme climates, and is lighter and more compact than foreign competition while offering higher performance. The newest Russian hydraulic fracturing equipment uses a gas turbine power unit capable of maintaining 2250 h.p. output for a long time.

Russian Fracturing Company acts on behalf of the “?RFC’ Consortium for Russian Mobile Hydraulic Fracturing Spreads for Oil and Gas Reservoirs”, which unites several machine-building companies and manufactures “turnkey” hydraulic fracturing spreads.

The Russian hydraulic fracturing spread was designed by St. Petersburg planning and design bureau “Automatika”, which has many years of experience designing previous-generation fracturing equipment.

Customers of OOO “RFC” can procure bespoke equipment and use a flexible process for leasing hydraulic fracturing spreads.

Схема расположения оборудования ГРП